Swiss leader of electronic signatures for highly regulated industries

  • Digitize processes with Let's Sign to improve efficiency, compliance and security

  • Legally binding electronic signatures and seals for multiple jurisdictions

  • Integrated with several core-banking, CLMs and other backends

  • Modern SDK for a fast and efficient integration

  • Implemented by dozens of banks, family offices, governments and universities

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Easily implement use cases with regulated electronic signatures. Qualified Electronic Signature is recognised in CH and EU as equivalent of hand-written signatures.

Cost optimisation

Reduce operational costs by digitalising manual operations and paper related expenses with the correct level of electronic signature.

Electronic seal

Implement use cases with official seals of the bank like quarterly performances, general conditions, invoices, order confirmations and many more.

Core banking

Fully digitalise transaction based processes by integrating any backend. Several core banking are supported.

Simple to use

Deliver transactions for approval via any kind of digital channel: mobile app, email or any front facing solution.

Audit trail

GDPR compliant body of evidence with all traces related to all transactions between the bank and the customer.

How it works in three steps


25.03.2021 - Partnership between Sysmosoft SA and the SWITCH foundation

The move to electronic signatures comes as Swiss universities are striving to automate and fully digitize document-based processes for their employees, students and alumni. Sysmosoft Let’s Sign shall be operated by SWITCH and deployed on top of SWITCH edu-ID as authentication mechanism.

Read full press release : here.

02.02.2021 - Entrust to Provide High-Assurance Digital Signature Workflow with Sysmosoft Partnership

Combined solution makes it easier, faster and safer for organizations to offer and manage digital signatures, approval processes and regulatory compliance for their customers.

Read full press release : here.

20.01.2021 - New Access and Sysmosoft SA are pleased to announce their strategic partnership

Both New Access and Sysmosoft have combined their expertise to integrate Sysmosoft's electronic signature solution into New Access Digital Wealth Management front-end platform.

Read full press release : here.

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